Webinar Series: Grounding Values In Research 

We are hosting a series of five webinars as part of our Grounding Values in Research initiative examining the most critical issues facing community development organizations across the country.

Next Webinar

July 26 Webinar: Cultivating Community Development Professionals
July 26, 12-1 pm (Eastern Time)

The community development field must develop professionals who are strong leaders, technically proficient, and adept at community engagement and advocacy. Join us to explore holistic professional development approaches.

Help Shape the Webinar Discussion! 
Answer these questions on our Conversation Catalyst:

  • What training resources or workshops have been particularly useful for your community development work?
  • What types of training or skill development opportunities do you feel are missing in the field of community development?

Mark your calendar

Watch for information about upcoming webinars on these topics:

  • Capacity Building & Emerging Organizations – September 13, 12-1 pm (Eastern Time)
  • Production & Production Barriers – November 22, 12-1 pm (Eastern Time)
  • Public Policy & Federal Programs – Date TBD

Previous WEbinars

Storied Communities, Community Stories
May 3, 2024Watch the recording

The webinar is based on Storied Communities, Community Stories, a unique study in which researchers at ThirdSpace Action Lab partnered with local literary artists to engage residents in examining the role of community development organizations in their communities.

Through interactive discussions and real-world examples, this webinar examined processes and practices that engage residents effectively. The webinar provided valuable insights and strategies for supporting communities in ways that align with resident needs and values.