Report #2:
Tracing Community Economic Development Funding Flows

Tracing Community Economic Development Funding Flows is the second report in the Money Meet Community series. It examines how funding flows into community development organizations by answering two basic questions:

  • How much revenue flows into each of the five types of organizations?
  • Do different types of organizations draw their support from different sources?

A better understanding of the basic financial flow of funds to these groups will allow us to recommend public policies that strengthen the community development sector. 


  • Of the $23 billion in revenues generated by the sector in 2018, about half flowed to organizations that primarily provide social services.
  • Social services agencies rely heavily on government funding compared to other types of community development organizations, which generate most of their revenue from earned income.
  • Organizations that carry out multiple types of activities are substantially larger than single-purpose groups.


Community Development Sector
Revenue by Organization's Primary Activity


The first report in the series, Community Economic Development Organizations and Their Activities, describes the five types of groups that form the community development sector.