Financial Health Report

Read the first-ever national report on our sector based on tax data – The Financial Health of Community-Based Development Organizations. 

We commissioned the Urban Institute to analyze 990 forms and other data filed by community-based development organizations in the United States from 2001–2018. These nonprofit organizations work in under-resourced communities to develop affordable housing and commercial space, support small business development, and provide social services. Researchers examined the financial vulnerability of the sector.

Topline results

Community-based development organizations in 2018:

  • 5,720 across the U.S.

  • generated $28 billion in annual revenue

  • held $54 billion in assets

Researchers found good financial health and growth for our sector overall, with specific types of organizations facing greater financial challenges. The report provides recommendations on how to strengthen financial resilience and sustainability. We invite community development organizations and their partners to use the report and accompanying fact sheets to help you achieve your advocacy, fundraising, and capacity-building goals. 


140 Fact Sheets

  • National, Northeastern, Midwestern, Southern & Western Fact Sheets— Find out how community development nonprofits are geographically concentrated and how size and region matter to their financial health.

  • State and Metro Area Fact Sheets — Access fact sheets for all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and 84 metropolitan statistical areas. Get data on the average financial characteristics for community development nonprofits in your vicinity. To download individual fact sheets, follow these instructions.

Research Tools


Money Meets Community Reports

Our Money Meets Community series of issue briefs community-based development organizations’ activities, funding flows, geography and financial resources, and their financial health. Staff traveled to conferences across the U.S. to share the results.