Creative Places 

We believe that infusing arts and culture into community development strengthens our ability to holistically engage community members and break down barriers to advancing equity. 

Creative Placemaking 
A process where community members, artists, arts and culture organizations, community developers, and other stakeholders use arts and cultural strategies to implement community-led change. This approach aims to increase vibrancy, improve economic conditions, and build capacity among residents to take ownership of their communities. 

Navigate Federal Funding

NASAA Creative Placemaking Resource ToolThe Creative Placemaking Resources Guide provides a database of information on federal resources, application tips, and case studies showing how creative placemaking innovators use a variety of public resources. Find out how federal funding programs common to community developers — such as LIHTC, Rural Community Development Initiative, and dozens of other HUD, USDA, and Treasury programs — can incorporate creative and artistic strategies that advance equity. We partnered with the National Assembly of State of State Arts Agencies and Metris Arts Consulting on the guide and this webinar on how use it.

Explore Resources

We work with state and regional community development networks in developing ways to:

  • Support effective policies that help advance this work
  • Form effective systems at the state and regional level to coordinate resources that support this work
  • Support capacity-building for local practitioners taking on this work

This work has been inspired by numerous of partners, stories, and resources. Access tools and inspiration our alliance and partners.

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