Talking Values

To commemorate our 10th anniversary as an organization, the Board of Directors commissioned a publication. The result, Talking Values: Soulful Conversations within Community Economic Development, is a series of essays and responses that will provoke and prompt discussion in five topic areas important to the future of the field. This is a living document and an on-going conversation.

Download and read the full publication or explore the chapters via the below table of contents, including some entries that did not make it into the printed publication. Please note that Talking Values was published when our our organization was named the National Alliance of Community Economic Development Associations (NACEDA).


Table of Contents 

Sharon Legenza, Housing Action Illinois and our 2016-2018 Board Chair

"The Soul of Community Development" by Joe McNeely, Board Member and 10th Anniversary Publication Chair

"Why We Must Prioritize Community Organizers' Needs" by Tamara Holmes
with responses by: Pam Bender, Danny LeBlanc, and Aaron Goodman

Scale & Accountability
"Can Our Field Achieve Scale and Local Accountability?" by James A. Anderson
with responses by: Peter Cohen, Don Bianchi, and Bob Zdenek

Racial Equity
"On Social and Racial Justice...Or Just Ask the Nice Black Lady" by Pamela Bridgeforth
with responses by: Kevin Sanada, Cara Long Corra, and Bernie Mazyck

"Has the Term Community Development Run its Course?" by Brittany Hutson
with responses by: Brian McGrain, Dave Christopolis, Jessica Love, Val Iverson, Melissa Miller, Lisa Much, Alana Perez, and Jenny Connelly-Bowen

Emerging Leaders
"How Will a New Generation of Leadership Change Our Field?" by Rose Teng
with responses by: Marla Y. Newman and Jeremy Brownlee

Discussion Guide

Cathy Niederberger, Executive Vice President, Community Development Banking, PNC Bank